Daily Bagel: Tribute to Maria Sharapova on her 26th birthday

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• Video: A look back at 14-year-old Maria Sharapova by Trans World Sport.

• Happy 26th birthday to Sharapova. Here’s an SI gallery of rare Sharapova pictures through the years.

• Tomas Berdych lost to Fabio Fognini on Thursday and had a non-sensical meltdown about time violations with umpire Pascal Maria in the process. Berdych was upset that he was ready to serve, and Fognini was checking the mark.

Umpire: Let me explain you … he is allowed to check it somehow. You are allowed to check the ball mark as well. (Me: That sounds fair!)
Berdych: BUT 25 SECONDS. He has no time to check it. You go this rule or the other one. You cannot combine two rules into one. (Me: LOL.)
Umpire: No, no, no, Tomas, I think you’re thinking over now. (Me: There’s a first for everything!) The rule says you have to follow the pace of server if it’s reas …
Umpire: No, no, no, following the pace of server if it’s, if you want to serve at 10 (seconds), you’re too fast.
Berdych: I WAS READY. (Me: Now you’re thinking under.)
Umpire: You’re too fast.
Berdych: I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT. (Me: New Nike slogan?)

• As covered by The Daily Mail, the British Fed Cup team takes on Argentina for a spot in the World Group. There’s even a “fashion verdict” offered by their fashion editor. Things are different in Britain.

• New York Post headline: Al Jazeera eyeballing Tennis Channel

• Non-tennis: I’d like to start a petition to have corgis serve as ball kids at Wimbledon.

Li Na makes Time 100, gets magazine cover

  • Published On Apr 19, 2013

    You mean an H&M slogan? The swede better got ready for something trashy with their Berdych endorsement !-)

    By the way, I think this has been the best week of tennis of the year sofar. Full of drama, suspense and formidable points.

    A tribute to a player (Sharapova) we haven't seen on courts this week? Why not.. But there is so much to say about Monte Carlo, and almost no reporting in your columns, I don't get it!