Daily Bagel: Razzano says Serena has given her ‘dark looks’ since upset

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• Video: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova did an exhibition event in Paris on Thursday. Here’s behind-the-scenes video. Gotta love Federer’s inability to keep a straight face during the photoshoot. “Am I the only guy smiling?”

• Christopher Clarey catches up with Virginie Razzano, the Frenchwoman who beat Serena Williams in the first round of the French Open last year.

WERTHEIM: French Open women’s seed report

Razzano said that she and Williams had not spoken since their match but that she had spotted Williams twice: at Wimbledon last year and then again at the U.S. Open. Razzano said Williams gave her dark looks on both occasions, something Williams does not recall.

“It’s true that she looked at me with far from friendly eyes,” Razzano said. “I understand. If I put myself in her place I could understand that. It’s something very hard to digest. I think she had a hard time. I don’t know if she’s better. I think she is. Her tennis certainly is all better.

“But I don’t have a bad feeling or relationship with her. In 2011, she came up to me in the gym at Wimbledon after I lost Stéphane and she gave me her condolences and we talked for five or 10 minutes.

“If she wants to talk to me again one day, I’d be open to it, but that will depend only on her.”

Williams did not sound bitter in a recent interview. “She’s such a strong woman,” Williams said. “I wasn’t happy for her at that point because I was going through my own thing. My struggles seemed bigger than hers at the time of the French Open, but I also was happy for her to do well.”

• Not be outdone, Doug Robson talks to Robin Soderling, the last man to beat Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros. Soderling has been sidelined for two years with mono.

Like it or not, that tectonic win remains etched in the public consciousness as his defining moment. It does not occupy the same level of real estate in Soderling’s head.

“Of course I had some of my biggest success in Paris in the French Open,” he explained. “I beat Nadal in 2009, which was great. … But I think I’m even more proud of what I did in 2010 when I defended my runner-up and beat Roger in the quarters. It’s one thing to reach a Grand Slam final, but to do two in a row makes me really proud.”

• Victoria Azarenka says the French Open is her No. 1 priority in 2013. She also says she’s now 6 feet tall and doctors have told her she might keep growing until she’s 25.

At 6-feet tall Azarenka does not believe she is anywhere near her physical potential.

“That’s really exciting,” she said. “I haven’t even stopped growing yet.”

She said she has been told by doctors that she might keep growing until she reaches 25. She also has a “new angle in nutrition,” learning the importance of balance.

• French Open. No, Roland Garros. French Open! No, Roland Garros!

• Bonus Video: This Head (Red) ad features Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Sloane Stephens, and it is very funny.

• Non-tennis: Only in Japan: 3-D latte foam art.

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  • Published On May 24, 2013
    emma1 3 Like

    what is up with all these immature sportswriters and wta players - serena is going for history, she is not trying to be anyone's best friend.  get over it

    dayo1026_2000 3 Like

    What is up with these writers.  They can't find anything negative to write about Serena's tennis and current form, so they write about all this silliness from the likes of Razzano and Stephens.  Who even knows if Razzano is correct.  I have often thought someone was looking at me the wrong way only, later, to find out they had something else on their mind.  If Razzano wants Serena to talk to her, perhaps she should approach Serena and broach the conversation.  Why are there so many immature women on the WTA circuit?  So glad Serena lets her racquet do the talking.  As for the press, they should grow up and write about tennis instead of trying to turn public opinion against Serena as some sort of malevolent creature.  Actually, Serena gets along with many of the women on tour, but you never see them writing about nice things said about Serena.  This crap is getting old.  I still think they are trying to distract Serena.  I hope she gives it the attention it deserves (nothing) and focuses on her tennis.


    Really people....why go and dig up Razzano now???   I mean really???   Can't you people find something really meaningful to write about?  And Sloane?  I laugh...


    If I were Serena, I'd give them both a roll of the eyes every single time I saw take that! 


    Silly journalist...


    Another Daily on Serena. What a surprise.


    HAHAHAHAAHAHHAAAA. This is all funny. I couldn't help but laugh.

    JasonRaphael 6 Like

    THANK YOU Medgabite. I'm so over these whiny locker-room queens crying to the press, "Serena looked at me mean!" Boo-hoo. It's a freaking professional sport. I'm sorry if Serena didn't ask you out for tea after you beat her in a match. I'm sorry if Serena uses the loss you gave her fuel her fire to dominate more. Which is exactly what Serena does. This isn't about Serena giving dirty looks. As if Serena HAS to do such a thing. Yeah right. This is about them being outright afraid of Serena Williams and when they step out on a court against her, they're lucky to win a set, let alone the whole match. For the few, very few that have gotten lucky enough to beat her (especially at a Major) they never beat Serena again. Ever. Because Serena is that good, that tough and Serena simply doesn't LET it happen again. Razzano knows she's had no great career. She'll only be remembered for this one win. Which isn't special because while she did stop Serena, she lost the very next round, proving that her win was a fluke. And by the way, Razzano hasn't won a match in a year. No...seriously...HASN'T WON A MATCH ALL YEAR. As in, hasn't won a match in over 365 days. And this woman thinks Serena's giving her the dirty eye? Child please. Serena's trying to figure out why you're playing in a Slam and given a wild-card when you clearly don't deserve it. lol There are tons of other players know...WIN matches...who deserve that wild-card. The French federation only gave it to you Razzano because you're French and beat Serena last year. We all know it. So let's not try to act like you're some great tennis player. I mean, seriously people.

    medgabite 4 Like

    The "dark look" these women are talking about is the shadow of defeat hovering on the horizon.  Once you beat Serena Williams, you usually don't get a second chance to beat her.   It is fear, plain and simple.  Go Serena!